Syrian Christian leaders visit


During May 2016, Christian Rebuild organised and funded the visit of two Syrian Christian Leaders to the UK. The aim of the visit was to promote and raise awarness of ancient Christianity in Syria, also to inform poeple of the uninmanagable circumstances currently happening in Syria and its effects on the Christian population.

Unknown to much of Western society, Syria has a population of approximately 20 Million people, with a little over 10% of the population Christian, equivalent to more than two million people. Christians and Muslims have lived together in Syria for the last 2,000 years. Due to the current circumstances and uncertainty on what the future holds for Syria, many Christians are unsure what their future holds in this beautiful and ancient country.

Since the war began, over half the Christian population has fled the country. However, many of the remaining Christians are determined to stay in the country, and help rebuild this wonderful, ancient and historical society in which Christianity remains an important part of its future.

What we need to remember is that these people are not 'Christians in Syria' but 'Syrian Christians'. It is the duty of Christians from all over the world to help raise awarness and support this cause, ensuring Christanity is supported and continues to flourish as it has for the past two thousand years.

For security reasons, we are limited in the number of photographs we can show.



Thurs 5  11.15 Land at Heathrow Terminal 3.

Fri 6  11.30 - 1.00 Heythrop College
          1.30 Lunch followed by Ecumenical Meetings with Eastern Orthodox Churches..
          7-00 - 8.00  Lecture in London University School of Oriental & African Studies.

Sat 7 Visit Pembroke College, Oxford. Attend Concert in Pembroke College

Sun 7 Services in Bunyan Meeting House, Bedford.

Evensong in Winchester Cathedral. Talk in Winchester University.

Mon 8 Breakfast with Jonathan Edwards, M.P.
           11.00 Meeting with Christian Aid 
  Travel to Bristol     

Tues 10  10.00 Meeting with Bishop Declan Lang of Clifton

Travel to Cardiff

Meeting with Dr. Dai lloyd, A.M
              7.00 - 9.00 CYTUN Reception at URC H.Q. Minster Road

Weds 11 Train to London
              11.00 CTBI AGM. 

1.00 Ecumenical meeting with the Eastern Orthodox

3.00 Meet Jim Shannon, M.P.

5.00 Meeting with Baroness Aneslay of the Foreign and Commonwalth Office

Return to Cardiff

Thurs 12 11.00 - 12.00 Public Meeting in City URC, Cardiff
               2.30 Meeting with staff and pupils in Brecon College 
               7.30 Ecumenical meeting in Tabernacle, Haverfordwest.

Fri 13  10.00 Coffee Morning at Hook Chapel
            11.00 Interview with Radio Pembrokeshire.

1.00 Meeting with Cynog Dafis

Drive to Oldham

Sat 14  Congregational Federation May Assembly, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham


Sunday 15 Greenacres Congregational Church, Oldham

Fly to Scotland

Mon 16 Meet the Provost of North Ayrshire.

Meet local Primary School children.


Tuesday 17 Ecumenical Meeting. 

Meeting with secondary school children.


Wednesday 18 Train to London

Thurs 19 Meeting with Lord Alton. 

Meeting with Jim Shannon, M.P.

Visit the Offices of the Catholic Bishops' Conference. 

Meeting with Baroness Cox

Round table Forum at the Awareness Foundation

Fri 20 Interview with BBC World Service

Flight out of Britain



Pease follow this link to listen to an interview conducted by the Catholic Church in England and Wales with one of the Syrian Christian leaders.

'Christian realities in Syria after five years of war'.