Recently, Christian Rebuild has supported the establishment of a Christian centre, which works with local people, and Albanians in Corfu. In the past, amongst many cases that have been supported, there has been a rebuilding of a school hall in Moldova and a Christian football project for street children in Egypt. The charity continues to suppoirt theological students in Poland and elderly holocaust victims in Poland and Hungary.


Until May 2001 the Congregational Federation ranan appeal for fundsto support a church in Southern Albania. Christian Rebuild has been pleased to continue this support. The church provides many services to the people of the town and distric of saranda. These services include a food voucher scheme, care for the poor and the running of a Christian Bookshop. Eaxch summer the Church organises, mans and finances four camps, one each for young married people, teenagers, children and the elderly. The camps are held at a secluded beach north of Saranda. For the adults, they provide an opportunity to explore theBible and Christian Faith away from the demands of normal life. They also give a happy of fellowship. For the teenagers and children they give an opportunity to learn more about God while enjoying a holiday away from home. The Church used to meet in a rented Chapel in the University of Saranda, but with the help og Christian Rebuild has been able to find a building of its own. 


Long before the outbreak of the civil war, Christian Rebuild was involved in work in Syria, partnering the Armenian Evangelical Church in its educational work in Aleppo. The charity had also partnered the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East in the relief work followin the war in Lebanon.

With the outbreak of the war, the partnership with both bodies has continued. At great peril to its own personnel, some of whom have been killed by rebels, the Orthodox Church has provided aid and succour to the traumatised and dispossessed in Damascus and the south of Syria. The Armenian Evangelical Church has been working in Aleppo and the north. Amazingly, it has managed to maintain its educational programme and is trying to provide a degree of normal life for children and students.

Christian Rebuild has a special appeal for Syria. We havebeen able to send very real help to our partners in this time of extreme need and we continue to seek generous donation to support such an urgent cause









Christian Rebuild seeks to support Churches in theor community outreach. It will consider helping with the cost of relief work, building projects, transport, schools, orphonages, staff pay and overseas travel. Christian Rebuild is willing to support other charities that are working in the same area, giving aid to specific projects.

Christian Rebuild also seeks to help individuals who have been recommended by a trustee or a partner Church. Aid to them may be through education, health, costs, travel or exceptional relief. Students and pastors in Lebanon, Syria, Poland and Albania have recieved help from `Christian rebuild.